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Military Cans

A short history of the NATO issue ‘Jerry’ can

The ‘Jerry’ can’s roots reach all the way back to the 1930s. During this time period Germany was rearming with an eye towards global war. One seemingly mundane item needed was a modern container for safely transporting liquids under very harsh conditions. While the German military had triangular metal 20 liter containers in service, they had a variety of drawbacks. Shortcomings included the shape of the containers which made stacking difficult, the handle design, lid and durability as well as how the cans were constructed. With Germany planning for a modern mechanized war on a monumental scale, logistics would be the key to success. Huge quantities of liquids (fuels, oils, solvents and water) would be required by the troops in the field.






Military Cans

  • The can is made of 0.9mm aluminised chemically treated steel,
    which combines exceptional corrosion resistance with the strength of steel

  • Lined with petrol resistant alkyd-ammonia as an internal Anti-Rust paint

  • The can is treated and coated with primer to provide better adhesion of paint on the outer shell

  • The outside of our cans is powder or wet coated with special Military paint which absorbs infra-red light

  • Wide channel breather reduces the pouring time

  • Strip welded handles and additional seam welding gives increased strength

  • Bayonet closure is completely leek-proof with the can placed in any position

  • UN number approval certifies compliance with Dangerous Goods Transportation Regulations

  • Special markings can be arranged

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